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Rent Aesthetic Equipment

Aesthetic Partners USA offers a national laser rental program that is unmatched in the industry.  With our short-term or 12 month rental plan, we offer some of the greatest flexibility to medical practices looking to get started with minimal upfront expense.

We even offer a risk-free program for 90 days!

Benefits of renting include:


Renting aesthetic equipment is a great alternative for those who aren’t interested in the upfront commitment of purchasing.  Renting can afford you the opportunity to offer your patients additional treatment options while allowing you to invest in other areas of your practice.

Many practices aren’t sure if aesthetic medicine is right for their practice or their patient base.  Renting allows you to “try before you buy”, whereby you assume very little financial risk.  There is no obligation when renting. 

Renting avoids the mistake of investing in equipment and then trying to sell it 6 or 12 months down the road, losing thousands of dollars in the process through depreciation and recertification fees.  However, if after 6 months of renting you’ve reaped the financial benefits, then switching to a purchase may make all the sense in the world. 


When you rent, the financial burden of maintenance and repairs is not your responsibility. We maintain our lasers, making sure they are always in proper working condition. Should our equipment malfunction for any reason, aside from your negligence, we will have our qualified technicians fix the cosmetic equipment for you at no additional cost.

Your rental payments can usually be deducted as business expenses on your tax return, unlike a laser purchase which can only be depreciated.


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