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Omnia IPL Skin Rejuvenation

Intense Pulsed Light, or IPL is a broadband light mainstream treatment for skin rejuvenation.  It is considered by most experts as the most important treatment modality and first line of defense for treating aging skin.  Combined with injectables & chemical peels, it can easily turn back the clock several years and provide a broad spectrum solution for unsightly skin concerns.   The Aesthetika Omnia IPL makes both financial and clinical sense for any aesthetic practice for a number of reasons.

Greater Versatility.

The Omnia IPL comes with 5 unique filters, each designed to target a specific skin condition or a “chromophore”.  With these interchangeable filters, you can easily change the wavelength during a treatment without changing the entire aperture.

480nm Filter: Designed to treat acne.  This filter targets active acne and is designed to reduce the acne and inflammation.  The 400nm (blue) wavelength is the most commonly used filter treating acne. 

530nm Filter: This filter’s primary target is pigment and sun spots.  It helps to remove the discoloration on skin that accentuates wrinkles and causes people to look much older than they really are.  It enhances the skin’s translucency and turns back the hands of time. 

590nm Filter: This filter is designed to target telangiectasias and small broken blood vessels caused by sun damage, smoking, drinking and pollution.  It also helps target and reduce rosacea.  The 590nm filter combined with the 530nm filter is a “one-two” punch in treating aging skin and your patients will love you for it.  

640nm Filter: This filter targets hair removal for lighter skin types I-II.

690nm Filter: This filter targets hair removal for darker skin types III-IV. 

IM49L1tUQ8GoXPbRQ4yO_filter (1).jpg

Treats Multiple Skin Conditions Simultaneously.

The Omnia IPL, FDA cleared for skin rejuvenation, treats several skin conditions at the same time, including:  age spots, rough skin, fine lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores, and facial veins.  Study after study has demonstrated that IPL is one of the most effective treatments for improving your skin’s texture and enhancing a youthful appearance.  Because of this, it is a must-have technology for any aesthetic practice that is serious about anti-aging and skin rejuvenation.



Each IPL handpiece is warrantied for 100,000 pulses.  Experience has shown that Omnia systems that are well-maintained can exceed this pulse count by 2 or 3 times this number before a handpiece refurbishment is necessary.


Ultra-Chilled Contact Cooling. 

The authentic sapphire 10 x 50 mm tip maintains a cooling temperature of 0 degrees Celsius.  Colder temperatures meanings greater patient comfort and lower risk of adverse skin reactions related to excessive overheating of skin tissue.  This ultimately means happier customers and a higher safety profile. 


Large Spot Size.

The Omnia handpiece comes with one of the largest spot sizes available - a 10 x 50 mm sapphire tip.  This allows you to treat areas very quickly, allowing you to see more patients during the day and generate additional revenue.


Fastest Repetition Rate
in the Industry.

The IPL handpiece allows you to treat an area at 10 pulses per second.  This is extremely fast for an IPL device.  No other IPL device on the marketplace exceeds the speed of the Omnia.  Once again faster treatment times equates to additional revenue for your practice. 


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